Business Turnaround

It is almost too obvious to say, but re-invigorating a business requires the ability to give rapid and parallel consideration of the business' products and services, its processes, its people and its performance.

A turnaround needs customer and staff confidence, a relevant product and identification of viable business before change can be pursued to build sustainability. We are able to:

Business focus

  • Engaging customers and suppliers.
  • Product & market refocusing.
  • Re-visiting of core businesses.

Organization change

  • Communicating direction - engaging staff and managers in what is to be achieved.
  • Re-organizing team structures to gain focus. Designing job roles.

Process improvement

  • Marketing and sales led focus.
  • Process simplification and performance improvement.
  • Building delivery infrastructure, systems and capabilities.


  • Profitability - cost management and revenue driving focus.
  • Process efficiency.
  • Stock, content and utilisation optimisation.